We consistently insist on the product’s idea of safety, efficiency and environmental protection, and increase the R & D, production and other investment, so that the products can enjoy a long-term advantage in the market. We are committed to the most advanced technologies and products, providing our customers with more reliable quality products and efficient service.

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E-frame introduction

E-frame is one of products produced by CEEG (Nanjing) Semiconductor Material Co., Ltd., a company that owns international advanced patented technology, first-class injection molding and extrusion production and testing equipment. Owing to CEEG complete photovoltaic industrial chain supporting, the product has reached international advanced level.

The advent of E-frame has brought improvement on installation efficiency, total cost down, and improvement on the electrical output performance and protection. By aging, UV, freezing, salt spray and other rigorous testing, E-frame makes it come into truth that a large number of PV system can be installed in the coastal zone, which has always been an obstruction for the traditional aluminum frame.


Superior Characteristic

Total system cost down
---Easy and quick installation – Tool Free
---Esay and fast installation
---Wiring and grounding elimination

PID Free(Potential Induced Degradation)

Long lasting durability
(The durable materials and patented design resists corrosion and improves power)

Light weight

No roof penetration - Removability

Black frame improves aesthetics


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