CEEG (Nanjing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

CEEG (Nanjing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is the total assets branch company of CEEG, and it is a modern company integrated the manufacture, sale and R&D, devoting to the power electric equipment products’ research, development, manufacture, sale and other operations. The company once was incubated in CEEG as the Power Electric Equipment Group and research center, and the corporation was formally set up in December 30th, 2011, owning the registered capital of 10 million RMB. As the high-tech industry, the power electric has become the third key industry in CEEG, keeping pace with the transformer and PV together.

CEEG (Nanjing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd insists on the product concept of the “safety, energy-saving and environmental protection”, introducing the advanced technology and excellent high-tech experts, and has invented the high voltage inverter, explosion-proof converter, high and low voltage reactive power compensation device, induction lamp, cold light film, OEL drive and other equipments to the market successfully. The products were applied widely in the enterprise’s saving program, such as the energy saving reformation of the coal industry:  the fan, water pump and lifting machine; the reform of the thermal power industry reformation: Induced draft fan, blower; energy saving reformation of petrochemical industry: injected pumps, boiler feed pump and induced draft fan; energy saving reformation of the water supply and sewage treatment industry: sewage pump, water pump and cleaning pump; municipal water supply : pipeline pump; lamps and lighting projects of energy saving reformation, energy-saving reformation of public buildings; ads and transportation industry’s lighting projects and so on. The company not only supplies the saving product, but also offers the first class saving scheme for the enterprise customer, helping them obtain the 100% saving benefits with 10% investment.

Energy-saving and reducing emission, call for the green life. Safety and environmental protection, build up the green home. CEEG (Nanjing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd will join your hands and walk into the energy saving time together!


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