CEEG (Hong Kong) CO,. Ltd

CEEG (Hong Kong) CO,. Ltd was set up on June,5th, 2007. As the important mile stone of international operation and global business in CEEG, the company will launch the high-quality electrical product for green environmental protection into the world, and further enhance CEEG’s contribution to the world.

Depending on CEEG’s advantage of the technology, talents and equipment, CEEG (Hong Kong) CO,. Ltd located in Hong Kong, set up the agency in Australia, Russia, South Africa, and the Middle East, in order to supply timelier and better service for the global customers. The company promises: we will offer the greatest product and highest-quality service to the customers consistently; we will maintain the best reputation of the enterprise continually in the society; we will create the best employ-environment for the employees to grow up and develop their potential.


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+86-25-52766666-6681/6683/6684 (PV)