ZPSG Rectifier Ventilated-frequency Dry Type Transformer

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Dry-type variable frequency transformer is provided specifically for multi-pulse rectifier in the voltage inverter power devices. It uses the principle of extended delta pulse shift through the different multi-pulse angle outside the secondary winding. The equivalent number of pulse can be composed of 9-pulse, 12-pulse, 18-pulse, or 27-pulse rectifier transformer. The rectifier power supply through the inverter power modules can be combined to offset the harmonics and to improve the inverter output waveform of the power. The product is mainly used for power plant boiler fan, water supply systems, metallurgy, chemical industry, urban municipal services, and automation control systems.
Our mature technology has fully considered the various types of high voltage inverter. We carefully developed ZPSG dry-type NOMEX insulation the entire frequency transformers. Our products include 9-pulse, 12-pulse, 18-pulse and 27-pulse, which can be natural or air-cooled type transformer. The transformer is small and has strong overload capacity, low partial discharge, short circuit capability strong, flame retardant, low noise, and with energy saving of up to 40% significant advantages.


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